Artist Profile: The Carver From Sarver Dennis Kozora, President of Unique Creationsİ, is one of the country's premier wildlife art carvers. His work leaves first-time viewers gazing in astonishment. From the miniscule details of a bolo, to the majesty of an equisitively-crafted moose palm; from the everyday appeal of an earring, to the timeless heirloom quality of a professionally chiseled gun stock, Dennis protrays his passion for wildlife through realistic interpretation. His custom work is no exception. Dennis was born in Western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, and has spent 22 plus years capturing wildlife scenes on natural substances such as wood, antler sheds from elk, moose and deer (a renewable resource), and corian. Replica's are carefully reproduced in cast antler and painted by hand, lending to each the authenticity of a one-of-a-kind creation. Dennis's Unique Creations will become a focal point for all to admire.

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