Custom Carving Page
  1. Moose Palms
    Prices can vary from $500- $4000. Depending on size of moose antler and the contents of how many animals. All commission work is 50% down and non-refundable, and balance due when piece is complete. If you can dream it, I can cave it. Please call for price quote. If you have a certain photo of an animal you like, fax or send for a quote. It can take up to 2-months to complete.
  2. Gunstocks
    I will carve a scene into your stock, if you have checkering on your gun its not a problem, I can carve over it. A scene on one side and oak leaves on opposite side and also oak leaves on fore-grip is $450. If you put a scene on both sides with oak leaves is he price is $650. If the scene is multiple animals like several deer the price is $500. It will take about 6-8 weeks to complete. You need to only send the stock and a 50% deposit to get you custom gunstock carved. Each piece is hand done and original.
  3. Custom Logos
    "Elk Antler Belt Buckles" I have carved into elk antler burrs several Logos and cast them in an antler resin. Outfitters, Game call companies, Clubs etc: Examples: Buckmasters, Hoyt, Butskies Game Calls, Texas Trophy Hunters Assoc, Knight & Hale Game Calls and many others. This is a tremendous marketing tool; these hand painted Antler casting will leave your clients with a lasting impression of your Logo. Whether you need 12 or 500 each piece is still hand done. Please call for price quote:
  4. Custom knives
    Each knife is made by Bob Dill out of Estes Park, Colorado. I will carve into the handles a detailed scene, and also the burr end for $450. Behind the blade is a fashioned piece of turquoise enhancing the beauty of the knife. Each knife is hand carved and one of a kind.
  5. IF you want it done: I CAN DO IT!
  6. Shipping, handling and insurance will be quoted at time of order placement.
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