Our mission as an independent software vendor is to provide a software solution to the rental industry that is complete, comprehensive and easy to use.

We help provide an affordable option for rental businesses needing a software solution. By following industry standards and collaborating with others who use our products, we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution with features important to rental businesses.

  • Split Billing Features
    Manage payments and invoices for multiple accounts receivable
  • Fleet Management
    Increase fleet utilization by managing expenses, maintenance and availability
  • Rental Agreements
    Quickly open and close contracts, supply quotes and convert reservations to contracts
  • Reporting
    Save time on billing, calculating totals and summarizing activity

By working with rental companies, we are able to incorporate features which achieve tangible and measurable results.


We follow the principles established by the Microsoft Solutions Framework(MSF). MSF provides an adaptable framework for successfully delivering information technology solutions faster, requiring fewer people, and involving less risk, while enabling higher quality results.

Consistently delivering high-quality technology solutions on time and on budget is challenging for any business. The Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) provides people and process guidance—the proven practices of Microsoft—to help teams and organizations become more successful in delivering business-driven technology solutions to their customers. MSF is a deliberate and disciplined approach to technology projects based on a defined set of principles, models, disciplines, concepts, guidelines, and proven practices from Microsoft.

MSF provides an adaptable framework for successfully delivering information technology solutions faster, requiring fewer people, and involving less risk, while enabling higher quality results. MSF helps teams directly address the most common causes of technology project failure in order to improve success rates, solution quality, and business impact. Created to deal with the dynamic nature of technology projects and environments, MSF fosters the ability to adapt to continual change within the course of a project.


The software utilizes the power of Microsoft SQL Server compatible database engine. The SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) is a data engine built and based on core SQL Server technology. With support for single- and dual-processor desktop computers, MSDE is a reliable storage engine and query processor for desktop extensions of enterprise applications. The common technology base shared between SQL Server and MSDE enables Rentalsoft to build applications that can scale seamlessly from portable computers to multiprocessor clusters. Because it is fully compatible with other editions of SQL Server, Rentalsoft can easily target both SQL Server and MSDE with the same core application. This provides a seamless upgrade path from MSDE to SQL Server if an application grows beyond the storage and scalability limits of MSDE.

Coming Soon

Rentalsoft Agent 1.0 is soon to be released in the fall of 2007. Rentalsoft Agent will manage the critical needs of an auto rental enterprise including fleet management, rental agreements and reporting.

Technology Advantages

Rentalsoft Agent will offer a rich user experience by leveraging Windows Presentation Foundation of the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework. Additionally, Rentalsoft Agent is being designed as a smart client application including the distinct technology advantage of ClickOnce. ClickOnce will enable Rentalsoft Agent to be deployed over the web and leverage auto update featurers.

Rentalsoft Agent Web Services will be deployed as WCF Web Services. IIS and ASP.NET will be used for the web site. The backend database will leverage the technology of Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Configuration Options

Rentalsoft Agent will be offered on-demand through a Software as a Service(SaaS) model. Rentalsoft Agent Web Services can be accessed and hosted through:

  • Rentalsoft Website
  • an enterprise server installation

Contact Information

Address Rentalsoft
Dennis Kozora
2839 Wild Cherry
Schertz, TX 78154
Phone (210) 566-3002
Fax (253) 498-1737
Email djkozora@denniskozora.com