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The Conquest - Presented To President George Bush
This carving was presented to President George Bush at the Safari Club International in Los Vegas, Nevada. A stir of echoes rattle through the forest. The monarchs engage in brutal combat defending their territory. Summoning the curiosity of the doe she peers through the underbrush. She could almost feel the shockwave of power. Although the battle is brief, it is intense. Ultimately, one will step back in submission, while the victor will proclaim his dominance.

Love is in the Air
Created in a shed moose palm antler, this carving portrays two eagles mating in the air.

Current Address
Whitetail Deer marking its territory with a fresh rub. Carved in a shed moose palm antler and mounted on white-tail deer shed antlers.

The 'Fan'tastic Trophy Mount
Designed from the award winning carving at the National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National Championship, this turkey head casting is designed for mounting a turkey fantail and beard.

The Royal Flush
English Pointer Dog flushing quail from the bush. Carved in a shed moose palm antler and mounted on an oak wood base.

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